We design adventure into the inert, employing people with special talents, sources of material, and techniques we have developed.

We entwine the aesthetic with the structural. When we send a gift out of state for an affectionate spouse, we assure that what arrives is graceful yet durable.

When we work for a professional group, a university, or a municipality, we go far afield to bring along sweet products of geologic history, collected first hand.

We do our own designing and steadily add improvements during installation. We insist on being on board early if others are involved conceptually.

Our typical projects range from a prototype born in our own shop to custom adornment of large commercial efforts.

About Keith Middlemas:

middlemas_keith_courthouse_stone_carver_t640I am Keith Middlemas, offering site design and custom fabrication in my stone shop since 1976.

I received a BA from the University of Kansas, long ago, and I work in my wilderness location for well-educated and good-hearted customers around the US.

I read, write, and socialize with a huge variety of people but always devote a little section of my consciousness to the project at hand.

I learned, first, the traditions of combining stone, adobe, and plaster in New Mexico in 1971. I developed a romantic bond with the way slightly imperfect stone and stucco structures nestled into gentle slopes there.

I’ve also read of and employed a lot of pre-industrial Japanese and Chinese cultural elements in architecture and garden.

Like all Americans, I’ve been immersed in an institutionalized focus on what Western building cultures have come to dominate North America.

I enjoy all these methods and materials. I have drawn from them simultaneously, adding my own distinctive idiom.